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All our fudges and tablets are made without artificial preservatives, so if ordering in advance check stated shelf life-once it arrives that's never an issue!

Non-alcoholic Fudges usually have a 4 week shelf-life, alcohol being a natural preservatives means a 6 month shelf-life - what an excuse!

Traditional Scottish Tablet

Accidental Almond Traditional Scottish Tablet

You know what it's've been stirring fudge all night and you reach for the bottle....this was meant to be Lemon, but I'm blind as a bat and we ended up with kilos of Almond Fudge.

More Info | Product Code: 250g AA | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet

Lemon Traditional Scottish Tablet

A zingy, zesty flavour that takes your taste buds completely by surprise!

More Info | Product Code: 250g L | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet

Lemon Ginger Traditional Scottish Tablet

Our own winter-warming recipe, with preserved stem ginger and pure lemon extract. Combine that with Shetland Butter and gently dissolve into your own fantasy!

More Info | Product Code: 250g  LG | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet

Shetland Honey Traditional Scottish Tablet

Long, long ago, in days of yore, when sugar was a distant dream on the horizon, folk sweetened their victuals with honey. So when asked to create a special fudge for the archaeologists at the Scatness Dig...

More Info | Product Code: 250g SH | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet

Vanilla Traditional Scottish Tablet

A creamy, dreamy, buttery fudge, made in the traditional way, that justs melts in the mouth. Made with pure vanilla extract and Shetland butter. We guarantee this is the best fudge you ever tasted!

More Info | Product Code: 250g V | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet

Rum 'n' Raisin Scottish Tablet

Juicy raisins soaked in Shetlands' favourite tipple for days and days... Ex-pats everywhere are drooling as we speak! Don't tell my husband - but this one got me a proposal of marriage last week!

More Info | Product Code: 250g RRT | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet

Gold Label Scottish Tablet

Take the finest Scottish tablet, add a little extra 'something,' and you get the smoothest creamiest fudge you will ever taste. Costs a little more, but by golly it's worth it. Every single person that has tasted this in our shop has purchased by the armful!

More Info | Product Code: 250g GLB | £5.99
Shetland Fudge - Tablet